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Adventure #1: Uncertain Futures - PRINT
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Uncertain Futures
by Michael McCarthy

The From the Deep Adventure Path begins in the bustling city of Arbil, one of the newer cities of the Ophid Protectorate. Although Arbil has gained a reputation for being able to foresee and avoid problems thanks to its precognitive leader, explanations as to why the nearby kobold mines have stopped sending shipments are lacking. The situation reaches a tipping point when an earthquake erupts in the middle of the day, with no warning from any of the multitude of seers, including the overseer.

Following the earthquake, the PCs find themselves thrust into prophecy and tasked with uncovering the cause of the earthquake and the reason it was not predicted in a city renowned for psionic foresight. They will have to journey through the wild lands between Arbil and the mines, into the depths of the earth, and uncover the source of strange behavior from those in the area.

Also included in Uncertain Futures is detailed information on the kobold race, including rules for players who want to play a kobold character, rules for dueling in the Protectorate, several new monsters, and in-depth information about Arbil, the starting point of the From the Deep adventure path.
Adventure #1: Uncertain Futures - PRINT

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